The cost of a master’s thesis varies from provider to provider. We guarantee you the best possible result at a fair price!

It is hardly possible to specify a uniform price for the preparation of a master’s thesis. Writing a master’s thesis is a highly individual undertaking and varies in terms of time and effort required, depending on the workload and the respective topic. Additionally, of course, the academic training of the ghostwriter that is working on your master’s thesis also plays a role in the composition of the price.

Why do the costs for a master’s thesis vary depending on the provider?

The prices requested by various academic ghostwriting service providers sometimes vary significantly. In recent years, there has been a development in the some countries, which causes concern: Because good academic ghostwriting is not cheap, some providers try to attract customers with extremely low flat rates. However, they rarely keep their promise to produce high-quality, academically sound work for little money. As a result, students and other clients who commission an academic work receive inferior degree or seminar work, which of course receives lower grades from instructors.

Even if a correspondingly favourable bargain price can be quite tempting, you should consider such an offer with caution. Some agencies work with authors who haven’t even completed their own studies and therefore work for a lower fee. When selecting an agency to work with on your master’s thesis, pay attention not only to the price list, but also to the quality of the offer. Student writers generally cannot produce work at a higher quality as ghostwriters with a college degree can.

Services provided by a ghostwriting agency

Amongst other things, a professional ghostwriting agency distinguishes itself by the fact that it provides a free initial consultation and then creates a free and non-binding offer for your master’s thesis. Since every master’s thesis places highly individual demands on the ghostwriter, we calculate each individual order individually. Our prices are based on a variety of aspects that affect the preparation of your master’s thesis. A theoretical work is usually cheaper than an empirical master’s thesis, which requires a higher workload. The length of the work as well as the timeframe available for creation also influence the price.

Another important point to keep in mind when hiring our ghostwriter is the state of your preparation at the time of handover. The more material you can provide to your author, the less time our experts will have to spend on narrowing down the question, structure, collection of empirical data or literature research. Not only does the extra time drive up the price, our authors will then also find it much easier to adjust to your needs. The more specific the guidelines you provide to our ghostwriters, the more detailed and comprehensive the final master’s thesis will usually be to meet both your expectations and the requirements of your supervisor at the college or university.

The material that our ghostwriters have at their disposal is coupled with the amount of research required for the master’s thesis. We often receive extensive material or one draft of a master’s thesis that has already been partially completed. Of course, such preliminary work requires intensive revision, but this is much less time-consuming than if no material is available at all. If our ghostwriters have to work everything out for themselves, on the one hand the actual working time is extended and on the other, the price goes up. This is the case, for example, if you are still unsure which topic you want to work on. Whatever your personal situation, we will gladly assist you with your master’s thesis. Talk to us and we’ll extend you an individual offer!

A scientifically grounded work written by experienced authors

Unlike many other agencies, we do not offer academic work at bargain prices. On the one hand, your master’s thesis goes through many different stages with us: Once the text has been written, it’s checked again for correctness of the content and its logical structure, before being subjected to intensive editing by professional and experienced editors. Prior to delivery, your master’s thesis will be proofread several times with regard to formal, structural and content errors. In addition, our authors adhere very closely to the formal requirements of your faculty and ensure a consistent design of all directories, footnotes and annexes that are attached to the master’s thesis. Finally, our authors will conduct a plagiarism check so that you can submit a work that is both plagiarism-free and unique.

On the other hand, we work exclusively with authors who have a long academic career and at least one academic degree. Many of our ghostwriters not only have a bachelor’s or master’s, but also a doctorate. Some of our experts work in higher education and regularly publish their own research. Authors with long experience in academic ghostwriting require higher fees, but also provide higher quality work that meets both the academic and formal requirements of an academic thesis.

Why time plays an important role

Many students come to us only when they realise in the middle of working on the master’s thesis that they are not up to work alone and need professional help for the last push to the end. In such a case, the short time available naturally means an increased fee, as our authors are subjected to high time pressure: Within a short time, they not only have to familiarise themselves with the topic, but also deliver a high-quality academic work. Due to the shortened working time, it may happen that the resulting work, even from an experienced author, is slightly less in terms of quality. We recommend that you think very carefully about whether you need help writing your master’s thesis early on in the process and contact us as soon as possible. In this way you not only get a higher quality work, but also save money and nerves.

Of course, we also handle short-term inquiries. Our authors are experienced enough to achieve academically sound results in a short time and translate them professionally and efficiently into a linguistically high-quality text. However, the longer the timeframe that we have to work through your request, the higher the quality will generally be, and the cheaper the price for your master’s thesis will be. Of course, this depends on the amount of material you provide us and the time you want to invest in collaboration with our ghostwriters.

Payment options and financing

Of course, you mustn’t worry about immediately paying for your master’s thesis in full. Depending on the timeframe and scope of the order, we are more than happy to offer you the option of instalment payments. On fixed dates, you will receive partial deliveries from our authors, allowing you to observe the progress of the work and propose changes or additions. The instalment payments are based on these partial deliveries and vary in their amount, depending on the scope of the master’s thesis and the number of appointments. We will be more than happy to advise you by phone or email about the various ways to finance your master’s thesis.