Even at the end of their studies, many students find academic writing difficult, since this part of academic education is only rarely practiced at many universities. In order to simplify the writing of a master’s thesis, you can structure the working process of a master’s thesis in such a way that you reach your result a step at a time.

Academic preparatory work

Before you start the actual writing process, you go through a longer preparation phase. This not only includes the exact definition of the topic and the formulation of the central issue, but also the literature search. Based on relevant bibliographies, you select the research literature that is relevant to your topic. The information that you reference from the literature will later serve as a framework for your own research and should outline the current state of research in a separate chapter. If your master’s thesis contains empirical experiments or surveys, these will also be covered in the preparatory period. Only then, when you have gathered all the information and research results, should you start the actual writing.

The master’s thesis writing phase

At the beginning of the preparation of your master’s thesis you should create a first outline, even if you are still far from the writing phase at this time. The outline is, so to speak, the skeleton of your master’s thesis, which you use to orient yourself during the writing process. As the structure generally changes or becomes more detailed during preparatory research, you should review the outline once again before you start writing.

The writing process itself can be tedious and sometimes frustrating, especially if you are still somewhat inexperiences in academic writing. It makes sense to sort the information from the research literature and your results before starting the writing process so that you no longer have to search for information while writing. The more continuously you can write, the more consistent your text will be in the end. Creating an academic assignment involves many, often small-scale work steps. Of course, even after you’ve written the last word, your master’s thesis is still not quite finished. Before you have the work edited and submitted, a revision phase follows. We recommend that you review the text in detail, chapter by chapter, until you are satisfied with the phrasing and transitions.