Anyone who studies medicine to later work as a doctor must complete usually conclude his or her studies with the state examination in order to apply for the license. Here you can learn what options you have to have your master’s thesis in medicine written for you.

The master’s thesis in human medicine

Currently the United Kingdom offers 314 Human Medicine Master’s degrees in various fields and at many different universities all over the country. When it comes to the decision where to complete your Master’s degree you should inform yourself well about the individual programmes, as every degree has a different composition. Most of the country’s campuses have a high reputation, that is why most of the domestic students decide to not go abroad, but many exchange students apply for the UK. There are even more than 50 offers for Ph.D. degrees after completing your Master’s degree. The numbers in the USA are similar, but the study programme differs from the European one. Furthermore, the admission is challenging and the education is highly expensive. For Americans the completion of their medical studies at a European university can be a great opportunity to gain new experiences, save money and still receive a good education. Most of the courses are offered in English, the degrees are worldwide recognized and fewest universities ask for an entrance exam.

Medical engineering programs as an alternative to human medicine

At many colleges and universities, the study of human medicine subject-related courses are offered as well, which usually have a technical orientation. Degree courses such as medical technology or medical informatics follow the guidelines of the bachelor’s/master’s system and conclude with the master’s thesis. Courses with a health orientation such as nursing, nutritional sciences or food technology also aim for a master’s degree. The master’s thesis in one of these courses can cover both a theoretical and a practice-oriented issue. While theoretical research usually takes place at the university and in libraries, there are also many offers to write the master’s thesis in cooperation with a company. If you’re looking for a career in research, it will be useful to develop a theoretical research topic of relevance to your research. However, if you want to work in a company after graduating, a practice-oriented master’s thesis offers you several advantages. On the one hand, you can gain practical experience in a company even before the end of your studies and make valuable contacts for starting a career. On the other hand, the company usually provides you with a supervisor for your master’s thesis, who is not only familiar with the topic, but you can also answer many questions. Proximity to practice is of great importance in both technical and health-related disciplines, as it offers the opportunity to combine theoretical knowledge from the study with real-world problems and everyday professional issues.

How can our academics help you?

We want the process and the result of your master’s thesis to be exactly what you want. That’s why we start with a common planning phase, during which we focus on a central issue with you, set up initial working hypotheses and create a bibliography that is constantly expanded and supplemented. The literature review is followed by a phase of reading and excerpting the important information. Our authors support you in all tasks for which you have no time or that you can not trust alone. In particular, the professional evaluation of research results is still difficult for many students at the end of their studies. Therefore, you benefit from the academic expertise and professional experience of our ghostwriters, who deal with scientific/academic issues on a daily basis and, based on their experience, can also discuss complex relationships. Of course, we are always open for content suggestions, literature suggestions or requests from your side.
If you would like write the results yourself, we can accompany you as consultants and will be available to answer any questions or address any problems. Our experts check that the finished text is technically correct and help you with the revision. But if you have little time, for example, to prepare for an exam, our authors will do the written work for you. Before you submit the work to your chair, we conduct an intensive editorial review. Here, grammatical, content-related and formal errors are fixed so that you receive a master’s thesis that is both unique and flawless and free of plagiarism. Of course, compliance with discretion and data protection is of utmost importance to us when writing your master’s thesis.