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As the successor to the diploma thesis, the master’s thesis marks the completion of the degree program. In the context of the Bologna reforms, the master’s thesis has replaced the diploma thesis in most courses. After a standard period of 10 semesters, students must complete this thesis and demonstrate that they are able to conduct independent academic research and present it factually, formally and correctly in the form of an academic work. The secure mastery of academic knowledge should manifest itself in the final thesis by applying the knowledge acquired to concrete questions in the course of study. In addition to subject-specific citation and the correct handling of specialist literature and bibliographies, the master’s thesis should also promote basic skills such as self-organisation, time management and project planning. In order to achieve their own results in research, of course graduates must master academic working methods as well as master and apply statistical knowledge and different evaluation methods, depending on the field of study.

Master’s theses differ significantly in terms of content and scope from department to department and subject to subject. As a rule, a master’s thesis comprises 70-90 pages. In a natural science subject, however, this can be a bit shorter, while in a humanities subject, it can be a bit longer. Ultimately, your faculty and the lecturer who supervises your thesis, determine the aspects of the work regarding the extent and content. For this reason, we recommend that you make detailed and exact arrangements in advance with your supervisor at the college or university.

How can ghostwriters help you with your master’s thesis?

Following the transition to the bachelor’s/master’s degree study programs, time pressure on students during their studies has risen sharply. In a relatively short time, they will have to complete a wide range of coursework in order to achieve the credit points required for admission to the final exam. If you have to take exams or do a written assignment before you graduate, this does not mean that your master’s thesis has to be extended. A ghostwriter can take over many tasks and phases of your master’s thesis while you are still completing the final coursework.
Early on, we start with a joint planning phase so that the result of your master’s thesis will ultimately correspond exactly to your ideas. In intensive discussions, we limit the topic of your master’s thesis to one central question and formulate initial working hypotheses. Subsequently, we assume the research of the technical literature, the gathering of research results and the actual writing process. Extensive editing as well as the formatting of your work according to your faculty specifications completes our service.

Naturally, you own approaches or content proposals are always welcome during the preparation of your master’s thesis. We involve you in as much of the development of the research as you wish. Of course, you can also make your own changes to the text after we have completed our work and encourage you to give the whole work a personal touch. After all, it is your name that will appear on the title page of the finished master’s thesis.

How long does it take to write a master’s thesis with a ghostwriter?

Although most colleges have firm guidelines for the time in which the master’s thesis is to be prepared, it is difficult to make precise statements about the duration of the production process. As a rule, universities set the period between application and submission of the thesis at 6 months, but this can be extended in empirical work according to the research effort. In addition, many students already deal intensely with their topic well before the actual registration. As a result, of course, the processing time is extended and may prove beneficial in a more intense literature search or a prolonged writing phase. As ghostwriters, we will follow your instructions and write your master’s thesis in such a way that you can easily submit it before the deadline. The sooner you come to us, the more intensively we can work on your master’s thesis.

Which phases comprise the writing process?

After working out the central question together with you and formulating various hypotheses, we start with the actual creative process in developing your master’s thesis. A very important phase that comes right at the outset is the literature search. Using selected bibliographies, we limit the immense mass of research literature to the works that are relevant to the topic of your master’s thesis. In a second step, we review the selected literature and summarise the most important contents. We only commence with the writing process when all the information and results from the research are available. The finished chapters are usually revised by a professional editor before we submit it to you. Of course, we maintain strict discretion and data protection.

Creating an exposé for your master’s thesis

Many theses are preceded by an exposé, or synopsis. We can create the exposé for your master’s thesis!
Many lecturers require an exposé before you start writing your master’s thesis. This serves to narrow down the topic in advance and to cite the academic methods used in research.

The exposé as an introduction to the master’s thesis

When it comes to the master’s thesis, which marks the conclusion of your studies, you should definitively prove that you are able to work independently at a higher academic level. In some subjects, you can choose the topic of your thesis, in others, it is determined for you. The preparation of an exposé ensures that you already deal with the topic prior to the actual research and gain insights into the research effort. In a few pages, you explain the question, the theoretical and methodological approach and present the planned outline . In the exposé, it is important that you draft an outline of an academic assignment that has not yet been written, but which is still in the planning stages. The exposé usually consists of four parts: A presentation of the topic and the central question, an explanation of the current state of research, the development of a provisional timetable and a working plan/schedule, including a first outline and bibliography.

How our ghostwriters can help you to write an exposé

Developing an exposé for your master’s thesis is, of course, part of our services. The sooner you contact us with your master’s thesis project, the more intensively we can supervise it and, for example, assume the writing of the exposé for you. At the beginning of our collaboration, our ghostwriters discuss with you, in general, exactly those aspects that are formulated in an exposé, from the narrowing of the central question to the approach to the respective topic and the formulation of working hypotheses, including a first literature search, in order to sketch out the state of the research to be done. Our authors are well versed in academic writing and are well versed in the requirements for an exposé. Therefore, they can also help with the preparation of your master’s thesis exposé at short notice. We support you in researching the current state of research as well as in formulating the text.

Having your master’s thesis proofread

Your thesis should be linguistically sound and of high quality. We can proofread your master’s thesis!
In order to create a successful master’s thesis, it’s not enough to conduct good research and put the results of your research in a simple text. As a rule, when your work is evaluated, great importance is attached to error-free language.

Checking the master’s thesis for proper spelling and grammar

Using error-free spelling and grammar is simply part and parcel of excellent academic work. Anyone who works in academics commits himself or herself, so to speak, to rendering work in a linguistically perfect way. A bachelor’s or master’s thesis that has linguistic and grammatical errors usually will fail to meet the requirements of an academic thesis. The high level of academic research should be reflected in the external form of the text; if this requirement is not fulfilled, even a thesis with good content may also receive a poor grade. The reason for this will be that content and form do not align. The correct usage of spelling and grammar is just as important for the final result of your master’s thesis as the profound academic content.

Our ghostwriters can proofread your master’s thesis

Of course, if you write your master’s thesis together with our ghostwriters, we will be happy to help you with the proofreading of your texts. Once you have completed a chapter, you can hand it over to your contact for proofreading. Alternatively, you can wait until the entire work has been completed and then hand it over to our authors for review. In the proofreading phase, we primarily focus on the correct use of spelling, grammar, and sentence structure rules. Our ghostwriters also pay attention to the good readability of the text.

The content and stylistic review of your text is not part of the proofreading phase. These steps are performed when your master’s thesis is subjected to final editing. Of course, during the working phase of your master’s thesis, you can also provide our authors with individual parts of the text and have them check it for correctness and a correct academic language. During the editing, we check the style and content as well as the general comprehensibility and the logical structure of your thesis, so that you can submit a flawless product to your university.

Having your master’s thesis edited

Formal and stylistic editing lends the finishing touches to your thesis. We can edit your master’s thesis!
Before submitting your completed master’s thesis to your university or college, you should have it reviewed by a professional editor. Just as with the writing and proofreading, we can also support you in this phase of your master’s thesis.

Editing: style, expression, form

Our editing service applies a finishing touch to your master’s thesis. In order for your text to appear as a seamless work, we optimise it both formally and in terms of content. If spelling and grammar have already been revised in the proofreading phase, we then examine your master’s thesis for general comprehensibility, logical structure and the so-called central theme. Of course, proofreading of any remaining errors is included in this phase. Our editors align and correct missing headlines and phrases and delete sentences or paragraphs that fail to provide new information or are redundant. We also check the correct application and usage of academic terminology and insert the appropriate vocabulary, where necessary or appropriate. In addition to your personal writing style, our editors also make suggestions for linguistic corrections that may possibly be made. All these changes are made for improved readability.

Our ghostwriters can edit your master’s thesis

The editing of an academic thesis goes one step further beyond clarity, comprehensibility and logical structure: In this last phase of your master’s thesis, our editors also review your quotes and highlight all the places where you have deviated from the correct or standard citation method. We also take a close look at the uniform structure of the lists in your work, because the lists of contents, abbreviations, illustrations and bibliographies are just as important parts of your master’s thesis as all other elements.

In addition, we check the quotations you use for accuracy. After all, we not only want your dissertation to be linguistically and substantively sound, but also free of any plagiarism. Therefore, it is even important that you take notes of small thoughts that you see in the research literature on your topic, and mark them with a footnote the writing already, referencing the corresponding work.

We carry out empirical work for your master’s thesis

Empirical research requires time and motivation. We can do the empirical research for you!
Especially when it comes to natural science subjects, empirical research is an essential part of the thesis. In subjects like physics. biology or chemistry , you have to carry out laboratory tests, the results of which should confirm or disprove your working hypotheses. But also many social science subjects like education or political science involve empirical research tasks. In these subjects, you create questionnaires and carry out surveys that you must evaluate in order to answer the central question of your master’s thesis.

Surveys and laboratory experiments: Empirical research

Empirical research tasks require a high degree of time and motivation. At the end of their master’s program, many students are under enormous temporal and psychological pressure, because they want to finish their studies within the normal period of study despite the high demands. If they have to prepare for final exams or hand in a term paper while they are completing their thesis, they lack the energy they need to focus on the empirical part of their thesis. After all, preparation and evaluation are also part and parcel of the actual research work. Our ghostwriters can do a great deal of work for you in this area, too. Relieve the stress of everyday student life by delegating the preliminary and follow-up tasks of your empirical research to our experts.

How our ghostwriters can help you with the empirical research

Thanks to their many years of academic experience, our authors are very familiar with the content and working methods of their field of study. In close consultation with you, they develop test setups and questionnaires for surveys. Since we cannot take over the practical implementation of the empirical research for data protection reasons, we depend on your cooperation in this area. But as soon as you have results, we reenter the picture: We carefully and precisely evaluate the results of your lab tests and surveys and summarise them in spreadsheets, graphics or informative texts. You can then incorporate our elaborations and interpretations into the presentation of the research results of your master’s thesis.

Having your master’s thesis formatted for you

Your faculty specifies the form in which you have to submit your thesis. We can format your master’s thesis for you!
Once you’ve completed the master’s thesis writing process, there are only a few steps left until you have the final product. Once the proofreading and editing have been completed, there is only one thing missing: the correct formatting according to your department specifications at your college or university.

The correct format of your master’s thesis

Depending on your area of study and the university where you are writing your master’s thesis, the formatting of each work can sometimes be very different. Of course, the thesis is primarily about the content. But the correct formatting also contributes to the success of your master’s thesis as a separate evaluation criterion.

University and subject-specific formatting includes the form of the table of contents as well as all other directories, the design of the title page, as well as general formalities such as font size, line spacing and margins. Additionally, faculties attach great importance for quoting specific citations for the respective subject area. The individual subjects differ greatly from each other, particularly in this area. Therefore, it is important that you carefully read the formatting guidelines in your college’s examination regulations and provide them to our staff for the final formatting of your master’s thesis.

Our experts can format your master’s thesis

Modern word processing programs have many user functions that allow you to customise your text as you write to make later formatting easier. These include, for example, the designation of headings in the appropriate style or the creation of the page, aligned in the correct size. Of course, you can also simply write your text and leave the final formatting to our experts. Thanks to our many years’ experience in the field, we are familiar with the pitfalls of word processing programs and can format your work quickly and efficiently. In order to lend your master’s thesis ends a consistent feel, we rework the page formatting, the font as well as all the directories and attachments that are part of your work on the formal level.