How does the collaboration between a ghostwriter and me as a client work?

There are different types of collaboration between our ghostwriters and customers. You decide how closely and with what regularity you want to communicate with the ghostwriter who supervises your master’s thesis.

When you commission us to write your master’s thesis, we will put you in touch with one of our authors, who is familiar with your field of expertise and has enough time to complete the work for you or with you on a timely basis. Since we are the mediators that set up the contact, both sides can remain anonymous, if they so choose. You will receive the author’s contact details from us and if you wish, you can contact him by email or by phone if you wish.

Close collaboration with the ghostwriter

The closer and more personally you work together with the respective expert who supervises your master’s thesis, the higher the quality will generally be. Therefore, we recommend that you have a personal interview with our author and clarify as many of the details of your master’s thesis topic as possible before starting to work. In this way, you can ensure that you end up with a job that meets both your own requirements ant those of your faculty.

Before the ghostwriter begins with the literature search, you should start by having a detailed conversation in which you focus on the topic and the central issue and ideally formulate initial working hypotheses. Based on the information and material that you provide to our ghostwriter, he can then begin the research. In order for this to be done as efficiently as possible, it makes sense to clarify all the content as well as the formal details in advance. On fixed dates, you will also receive partial deliveries of the resulting work, which will give you an overview of the progress of the master’s thesis. Of course, you can always ask questions or specify change requests.

We are looking for the right ghostwriter for you

If you prefer to remain anonymous instead, we can assume the role in communicating between you and the ghostwriter. Of course, you can send us the existing material as well as the formal requirements and let our ghostwriters do the research and writing process. Thanks to interim deliveries, you will have the opportunity to keep a close eye on the creation process and provide input as necessary.