Collaboration between clients and ghostwriters is close and interactive. The more you participate in the preparation of your master’s thesis, the closer the result will be to your ideas!

In order to obtain the master’s degree to complete your studies, you must prepare a master’s thesis that is technically and linguistically convincing. Even if your results obtained up to that point in your studies are included in the overall grade of your studies, the master’s thesis grade plays an important role, because it counts for a higher percentage than other examinations against your final grade.

Importance of the master’s thesis for your degree

With the master thesis you should prove that you independently develop a research-relevant topic in your field of research and that you can formulate it according to the requirements of an academic thesis. In a timeframe set by the university in the examination regulations, you must conduct and deliver research and written work at a high academic level. As a rule, the time frame for completing a master’s thesis is 4 to 6 months, depending on whether you are working on a theoretical or an empirical topic. A theoretical master’s thesis is based on the research of already existing research literature; an empirical work, however, is more complex and requires independent research in the field or in the laboratory.

In contrast to the homework and seminar papers of the previous semester, however, it is no longer sufficient for a master’s thesis to re-analyse known research literature or to accumulate knowledge. On the basis of relevant literature, students should develop their own theses and discuss them in the context of a detailed analysis and place them in the context of the research literature.

Reasons to work with a ghostwriter

Even if you can clarify many questions that arise in connection with your master’s thesis in advance with the respective lecturer that is supervising your work at the university or college, many questions will be raised during the actual writing phase. Not only content-related, but also formal details only emerge in the concrete development of the topic. As your lecturer usually has to supervise the master’s theses of many other students in addition to yours, he will certainly not be available to you around the clock. This is where our professional ghostwriters enter the picture: At the beginning of your master’s thesis, we connenct you with one of our experts who will do your work for you, from topic selection right up to the final approved draft and who will be there for you during the entire working time as your personal contact. No matter whether you are still unskilled in academic writing or have specific questions regarding content or structure: our ghostwriters can answer them.

And even if you feel under time pressure, because you want to finish your master’s program within the standard period of study and maybe have to pass further examinations, it makes sense to seek the help of a professional author. Our ghostwriters are well versed in academic work because of their many years of academic experience and can take on many tasks while maintaining fixed deadlines and thus facilitate the completion of the master’s thesis.

How exactly does collaboration with a ghostwriter work?

Since the working time for a master’s thesis is often quite limited, we recommend that you contact us with your inquiry as early as possible. Within 24 hours you will receive an individual, non-binding offer from us for the preparation of your master’s thesis. We immediately begin searching for a suitable author who can devote the necessary time to your project and is familiar with your area of expertise. Our authors have many years of academic experience and at least one academic degree.

Close and confidential communication between you and the ghostwriter who supervises your master’s thesis is of great importance for achieving the best possible result. The more precisely you discuss the subject, the central question and the structure of your master’s thesis with the author, the more precisely you can address your wishes and the requirements of your faculty during the search and writing phase. Of course, if you wish, you can remain anonymous to the author – in which case we’ll take over the interaction between you and the ghostwriter.

How does the acadoo writing service work

After we have connected you with our expert, you have the opportunity to structure the communication independently. You decide how often and to what extent you want to be in touch with your ghostwriter – but many of our clients use the opportunity to talk to the author on a regular and personal basis, to ask questions or to discuss previously elaborated parts of the text. For example, close communication is of greater importance during the preparatory phase than in the actual writing phase, because at this point in time the content is still being developed.

The nature of the order determines the form of cooperation

The collaboration with a ghostwriter on a master’s thesis can take many forms. The intensity of the exchange of information required depends on how hard you want to work on your master’s thesis. If our authors are to write a complete master’s thesis, including literature research, you should provide them with as much material and information as you have. Only if the topic is explored in a joint conversation and limited to the central issue can our ghostwriter develop the relevant works during the literature search that later serves as a basis for the review of the theses and the writing phase. Your theses and bibliography should also be discussed with your instructor before our authors start writing. In this way, you can avoid unpleasant surprises in advance when it later comes to the allocation of grades, because expectations of your supervisor were not fulfilled.

An alternative approach to writing your master’s thesis is that our ghostwriters may supplement an already-written text. This is often the case if you realise that you are not up to the task on your own while you are writing your master’s thesis. If you have already worked on literature research, structure and first text modules, our authors generally need less information. Instead, they work with your text and supplement information from the literature, create transitions between chapters and give you valuable information on interdisciplinary connections, with which you can enhance your master’s thesis.

Intermediate deliveries and completion of the master’s thesis

Our ghostwriters work closely with you to work out a detailed work schedule at the beginning of the collaboration to ensure that you always have an overview of the progress being made on your master’s thesis. We will send you partial deliveries at fixed dates. Of course, the number and scope of these interim results depends on the effort required and the scope of the entire master’s thesis. In this way, you keep an eye on the progress of the research and writing process and at the same time you can provide requests for changes or participate with your own ideas in the working process. Of course, you can also contact your ghostwriter at any time beyond the intermediate deliveries if you have any questions or requests.

As soon as the writing process is completed and you have taken the individual chapters, we carry out an intensive copy-editing and a plagiarism check. After all, we want to deliver you a unique master’s thesis that is both flawless and plagiarism-free. You only receive the work from us once the editing and the final formatting according to your faculty specifications are completed.