A master’s thesis template: Just buy one?

At some point, every master’s student faces the challenge of writing a master’s thesis. This is usually required to successfully complete a master’s program. Most students know that writing a master’s thesis is not an easy task. Most students naturally turn their search to the internet to find a template or sample to use for the master’s thesis, and this can be a great help to simply get an idea of what it should look like. However, a student should not rely on this too heavily, because one rarely finds a template for a master’s thesis on the internet that also corresponds to the topic and the format specifications of your particular university. In addition, such a template can only be used in a limited way, if at all. One can’t simply “use it”, because then it’s plagiarism. In other words, students should be very careful about using any master’s theses templates offered on the internet.

Ghostwriters write more than just a template

Rather than relying blindly on a template for the master’s thesis, it is far better for a student to seek professional help for his master’s thesis. This sort of help can be acquired in the guise of academic ghostwriters, who are commissioned through appropriate agencies such as acadoo. Such ghostwriters don’t just create the template of a master’s thesis that students can then “adapt”. Rather, they address the student’s individual needs and offer him corresponding preparation of his master’s thesis. In contrast to a template, a master’s thesis written by a ghostwriter has the advantage in that the student receives a master’s thesis that not only uniquely explores the given topic, but also fulfils all formal guidelines of his university or technical college. This is where professional ghostwriters take advantage of their entire experience. They are academics themselves and usually have years of academic experience, and thus know what comprises a good master’s thesis, both in content and form.

Free templates and samples provide zero quality

When it comes to the professional creation of a master’s thesis, of course, there are costs, because this is ultimately a high quality service. Especially when a student is on a tight budget, he or she thinks very carefully about whether it makes sense to use this option at all. After all, a master’s thesis found on the internet is typically free of charge. But beware: if you try to save money in this way, you will certainly end up paying for it in the end. If one opts to use one of these templates, one will at a minimum have to resubmit a thesis and at worst will even face a fine. Having one’s master’s thesis written by a ghostwriter is the much better alternative. If having the entire master’s thesis will prove too costly, it may also be helpful and an option to have only parts of one’s master’s thesis written by a ghostwriter. In this instance, ghostwriters provided by agencies such as acadoo can provide individual assistance. Upon student request, they can also simply create individual chapters for the master’s thesis or help students with the literature search or the outline draft.

Professional ghostwriters deliver valuable quality

In contrast to a master’s thesis template from the internet, a ghostwritten master’s thesis has an inherent qualitative standard that convinces every lecturer and allows students to safely pass their studies. This standard does not fall from the sky and is by no means standard for every ghostwriting agency. For reputable agencies such as acadoo, this high quality standard is not only related to the well-trained and experienced ghostwriters. After the thesis is written, a thorough proofreading and edit of the completed master thesis is conducted. This is done according to a sophisticated regimen and is carried out by another academic. Thus a four-eyes principle helps ensure that any weak spots are detected and corrected before delivery. In the end, the student doesn’t just receive a template for his master’s thesis, but a unique text created according to his wishes. For this reason, he will also be able to submit a work to his institution of higher learning with complete peace of mind because he is being checked for plagiarism and can rest assured that the ghostwritten text will pass with flying colours. It will be a unique piece of work, which has not existed anywhere else as an exam.